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Photo Credit to Shannen Smyth Photography

Some knew me and my sassy mare, Chloe, through my ownership of Pony Glam. Now I am reaching even more equestrians through my equestrian life style blog Horse Glam, where I try to connect readers with new brand favorites through humorous yet honest reviews (sometimes done by Chloe herself) and professional pictures. When I am not trying to keep Chloe picture ready, I am wrangling my two small kids, Tanner (age 4) and Logan (age 2) or doing boring attorney related things. My husband and I live in Charlotte, NC.

Pony Glam Hoof Hi-Lites

I might be biased, but I love using Pony Glam’s Hoof Hi-Lites!  If you like healthy hooves and pretty things then a colored hoof dressing is a no brainer! Posh Purple was the first color I made, so I will always be partial to it, but nothing beats the sparkle of Sassy Silver on a sunny day!

Photo Credit to Shannen Smyth Photography

Dreamers & Schemers Socks

Dreamers & Schemers are the only socks I wear. They don’t slouch, they aren’t too thick or too thin, and they have a bit extra padding on the soles/heel of your foot. More importantly, they make me smile. I like that you can be dressed in your conservative hunter show apparel and be wearing socks with unicorns floating on a donut raft and no one has any idea. You can get a discount if you use the code “Andrea” at checkout!

Photo Credit to Shannen Smyth Photography

LeFash Clothing

I love LeFash Clothing because it fits me perfectly and is always ahead of the trends. It makes me want to start showing more just so I can have an excuse to buy their polos and show shirts. I love my black breeches with the vintage tan knee patches. They seamlessly transition from stable to street, just like their trademarked saying promises.

Photo Credit to Shannen Smyth Photography
Photo Credit to Shannen Smyth Photography.

Mountain Horse Jacket

This isn’t a year round riding item but it is one that is probably my favorite of all ever purchased. I use this Mountain Horse jacket every winter or when it is remotely cold. It never fails to keep me warm. It has side zippers to make riding easier, easily fitting over the saddle and allowing full range of motion. It has a million zippered pockets so I do not lose my winter gloves, horse treats, keys, or cell phone. The hood has faux fur and is huge and deep – covering my head (and more) completely. It also washes super easy. I cannot imagine not having this jacket.

Photo from Soless Website

Soless Visor

I am in the sun/rain/wind/cold year round and my face needs all the breaks it can get from the harsh weather. When I am not wearing a ball cap or sun hat, I am wearing my helmet with the Soless visor. Compared to previous helmet visors, it is doing the best job of staying attached to my helmet while I jump Chloe. It also is transparent, giving me a better and unrestricted view.

Photo from Soless Website


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