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    The Journey

    Winter Trail Rides with Her Riding Habit.

    Heading into 2020!

    I know, it's the last week of January and I'm only now posting my "Happy New Year" blog post... so welcome 2020!  Really, I'm just waiting for some warm weather at this point and I know we still need to 

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    Her Riding Habit Dragon Sun Shirt Polo featured in the 2019 unTacked Holiday Gift Guide

    Gift Guides and Wish Lists!

    Now it's all about brand awareness, getting the name out there, and letting people know about it. This will be the longest and never ending part of the journey. I'm going to think of it as fun, and an opportunity

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    Her Riding Habit polo shirt patterns displayed showing dragons, flying insects and appaloosa spots.

    Struggling to be Fully Stocked

    The first production of the Athletic Polos has completed, as slowly as it started.   What dragged on, with slight panic setting in, was the wait for the second round of this initial production run.

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